Top 4 Adult Education Options in Greensboro, NC

804190044_c6624295f6_zIf you’re looking for a way to increase your income and your job satisfaction, going back to school is a good choice for you. You can improve your current skills and earn the promotion that you’ve been looking for, or you can train for a whole new career that will take you to where you want to go in life. Luckily for you, the Greensboro, NC area offers a number of schools where a busy, working adult can find a program and schedule that they like. Take a look at some of the adult education options in Greensboro, NC.

#1 Sunrise School of Dental Assisting
At the Sunrise School of Dental Assisting, your instructors know that you don’t have time to waste. That’s why you can complete your training to become a clinical dental assistant in just 13 weeks. What’s more, the school offers flexible scheduling that allows you to take classes during the nights and weekends, so you don’t have to quit your day job in the meantime. At Sunrise, you’ll receive training for a rewarding career that’s always in demand, as well as job placement assistance to help you secure the job of your dreams. You may even qualify for tuition assistance to help you pay for it all.

#2 Guilford Technical Community College
At Guilford Technical Community College, you can start learning where ever you need to. Do you need a GED or a high school diploma before you can start pursuing your educational goals? You can get those at Guilford, then move on to the degree program of your choice. At Guilford, you can earn certificates, diplomas, and degrees in a wide variety of industries. Want to break into the medical field? Take the Certified Nurse Assistant courses, or train to be an EMT. More interested in technology? Train for a career in civil engineering or mechatronics. With Guilford, you can take your career training in almost any direction.

#3 Priority Nursing College/Medical Assisting
If you want to become a medical assistant, why not choose a college that specializes in just that? At Priority, you can earn your medical assisting degree in only 9 months. That means that in less than a year, you’ll be on your way to a more fulfilling and rewarding job. Not only will you receive instruction in medical assisting, you’ll also receive a chance to work in a real medical facility and preparation for the application and interview process so that you’ll be ready to begin applying for jobs.

#4 ECPI University
The Greensboro branch of EPCI University is conveniently located near the Piedmont Triad International Airport. This branch offers a range of degree programs. Business administration, medical assisting, nursing, network security, and electronics engineering programs are all within your grasp at ECPI. The university offers tutoring, internships, and career counseling to help its students succeed.

If you’ve been hesitating about going back to school, don’t wait any longer. Look into your options in Greensboro, NC right away, and choose the program that’s right for you.

Adult Education Programs: Should You Go Back to School?

Computer Class: Cheerful Adult Student in ClassroomWhen you graduated from high school, or perhaps after you got your associate’s or bachelor’s degree, you might have thought you were done with classrooms and assignments. With some of today’s college graduates having a very hard time finding a job, however, now might be the time to look into adult education programs that can train you for a career. Are you wondering whether going back to school is the right answer for you? Take a look at this list of reasons why it might be a very good idea:

Gain a Competitive Edge
Some jobs allow you to be trained at the workplace. While these are great opportunities, employers are generally looking for someone who has all of the necessary training required. An adult education program can teach you what you need to know for a specific career, making you a more competitive candidate for whatever job you are applying for.

Make More Money
When you start a new career, you often begin at the bottom of the pay scale for that particular job. With a certificate or degree, however, you may be able to start a few rings up the ladder. Even if it doesn’t seem like a big difference in the beginning, starting at a higher salary adds up over time.

Boost Your Networking Power
While it shouldn’t be your sole reason for going back to school as an adult, taking classes and pursuing certification programs allows you to meet others in the same boat. These will be your colleagues and contemporaries once you graduate and begin working in your new career. Even if you don’t actually work together, fellow students are people to bounce ideas off of and meet for coffee to talk shop occasionally.

Find Balance
If you are currently working a job that you don’t love, or perhaps leaving the nest after sending your little ones off to school for the first time, looking into adult education programs allows you to stretch your brain and pursue something you enjoy. This can be fulfilling when other parts of your life might seem temporarily stagnant.

If you are ready to look into adult education programs, consider the dental assisting program at the Sunrise School of Dental Assisting. All of these benefits, and more, can be yours! Call us today to find out more about our upcoming programs.