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As one of the leading dental assisting schools in the area, Sunrise School of Dental Assisting has proudly educated future dental assistants across the Triangle and Triad for over 10 years. The school was founded by practicing dentist Dr. Dinah B. Vice, who was inspired to help people of all backgrounds discover a rewarding and fulfilling career in dentistry, and to provide them an education and training program of unmatched quality.

Today, Sunrise is a premier dental assistant training institution and routinely graduates highly skilled, confident dental assistants who are more than prepared for the demands of a career in the dental field.


Choosing a Dental Assistant Career

Dental assisting is a dynamic career that boasts numerous enviable qualities. Excellent work/life balance, favorable work hours, and a wide spectrum of work environments are just a few of the advantages dental assistants have in their professional lives. On a personal level, dental assisting is an incredibly rewarding career. Taking part in the delivery of oral health care, improving patients’ lives, and helping people smile with confidence and pride are all part of the everyday practice of dental assisting. Read more about all the benefits that come with choosing a dental assistant career.


Dental Assisting Classes Designed to Help You Succeed

The programs at the Sunrise School of Dental Assisting are uniquely tailored to help graduates enter the workforce with the skills and certifications that are most valuable to employers. Certifications in Nitrous Oxide and Radiology are offered, as well as a unique program in Front Office Administration training. Each of these is a perfect supplement to our cornerstone dental assisting program.

Being a part of Sunrise’s first-class training programs does not require sacrificing one’s personal life or professional obligations. All of our dental assisting classes are held two days a week in the evening. Furthermore, students from a wide geographic footprint have access to a Sunrise education. We are proud to conveniently offer training in Raleigh, Greensboro, and Fayetteville. In each city, training takes place in private dental offices, providing a training environment that closely imitates the real world of dental assisting. This is just one of many advantages that only Sunrise can provide.

At the Sunrise School of Dental Assisting, supporting our students in their educational journey is of utmost importance. Our program coordinators work with our students each step of the way, from applying, to enrollment, tuition and financial advising, and much more. Additionally, we make it a priority to help our new graduates find gainful employment as valuable team members from their very first day on the job. When you enroll at Sunrise, you can be sure that our team is behind you during every phase of your educational journey.

The leadership, faculty, and staff of the Sunrise School of Dental Assisting have decades of experience in the dental industry, and our school is proud to offer many unique training opportunities to our students, many of which cannot be had anywhere else.


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If you are interested in a career that offers tremendous personal and professional fulfillment and the ability to help improve people’s lives, dental assisting is the perfect career for you. And if becoming a dental assistant is your goal, there is simply no better place to be than the Sunrise School of Dental Assisting. Our wealth of experience, knowledge, diverse programs, convenient hours and location, and commitment to student and graduate success are attributes that simply cannot be matched.

We invite you to browse our site to learn more about Sunrise and how we can help jumpstart your career. No matter where you want your career to take you, there is nowhere better to take your first step than the Sunrise School of Dental Assisting. You can also Apply Now!

Next class in Fayetteville is 10/16, Greensboro 10/23 and Raleigh 10/9

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