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At Sunrise School of Dental Assisting, our dental assistant courses are designed to cover a broad variety of subjects, both didactic and clinical, that prepare our students for the wide-ranging responsibilities of a dental assistant and give them the knowledge necessary to be successful in their dental assistant career.

Beginning in the first weeks of our dental assisting programs, students are immersed in classes that provide the foundation for dental assisting credentials. Students start with topics such as ethics in the practice of health care, including HIPAA compliance, as well as dental jurisprudence (laws that govern the practice of dentistry).

Other initial lessons you’ll learn at our dental assistant school include sterilization concepts, such as proper cleaning of instruments and operatories, as well as infection control, or how to prevent the spread of disease in a clinical setting. These topics include both classroom lectures as well as clinical exercises that help students put their knowledge to practical use.

Microbiology, Embryology, Histology & Beyond

In order to be a valuable and successful member of a dental team, assistants must possess a wide range of knowledge. For this reason, the curriculum at Sunrise School of Dental Assisting also includes classes covering microbiology, embryology, histology, and pharmacology. In addition to these subjects, your education will also include courses designed to reinforce your understanding of the anatomy of the head and neck, tooth anatomy, morphology, and related terminology, as these topics are all essential components of our dental assistant certification.

Our students also will learn all of the important practical aspects of dental assisting, including dental charting, proper chairside techniques, and identification and proper use of dental instruments. Through our nitrous oxide sedation course, students will also gain an understanding of the different types of local anesthetics as well as nitrous oxide. Additionally, the clinical training includes topics such as dental office emergencies as well as CPR training.

Dental Radiology & Dental X-Ray Courses

In addition to the above topics, students at Sunrise School of Dental Assisting will also complete a dental x-ray course. Dental radiology comprises a large portion of the Sunrise curriculum, evidenced by the NC Radiology Certificate our graduates receive. Introducing students to the principles of dental radiology through these courses precede the numerous clinics that allow students to practice obtaining and critiquing x-rays. Ensuring our students understand radiology safety is a vital component of this process.

Don’t hesitate to call our team if you have any questions about our dental radiology course and dental x-ray course.

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To learn more about the accelerated dental assistant training programs our school offers such as our dental administrative assistant course, dental x-ray course, nitrous oxide sedation course, and more, please contact us today. If you’re ready to obtain your dental assistant degree or have questions before you apply, we invite you to visit our application page to learn about the application process.

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