Nitrous Oxide Sedation Certification

According to North Carolina State law, a dental assistant cannot monitor patients while the patient is receiving nitrous oxide unless they have completed an approved 7-hour course on nitrous oxide training.

Our 7-hour nitrous oxide sedation certification is designed specifically to endow graduates with the ability to aid and assist licensed dentists in the administration of nitrous oxide, as well as the credentials to monitor nitrous oxide patients. These qualifications are highly valued by dental practices.

Our course covers the following topics:

  • State regulations
  • The physiologic and pharmacologic effects of anesthesia
  • Indications and contraindications for nitrous oxide administration
  • Equipment used in administering nitrous oxide
  • Analgesia vs. anesthesia
  • Clinical manifestations of analgesia/anesthesia
  • Side effects and adverse reactions of nitrous oxide sedation
  • Preparation and techniques for nitrous oxide administration
  • Legal considerations and chart entries
  • Occupational exposure

Certification is awarded to students who complete the course and score 75% or greater on the final exam. Contact us today to learn more about our nitrous oxide sedation certification program or sign up for our course by sending us this application.

What Our Students are Saying: