Orthodontics at Sunrise School of Dental Assisting

As you explore the many different career fields offered at Sunrise School of Dental Assisting, you will want to pause a moment to explore the ins and outs of becoming an Orthodontist Assistant. This career path is very rewarding and being in a very specialized area of dentistry, is also in very high demand-putting you in strong control of your job options.

Education Needed To Be an Orthodontic Assistant

As an Orthodontics Assistant, you would start with the same basic courses a Dental Assistant will take, and you will also have to pass the different licencing requirements for the state you will be licensed to work.

Typically, you will begin you path to Orthodontic Assisting by passing your Dental assisting certificate courses, and then seeking further educational training with an Associates degree in dental assisting. Total, this part of your training will take about two years.

Once you have completed your Dental Assisting requirements, you can then move onto more specific and specialize Orthodontics Assistant classes. Depending on your state, this may be considered an expanded field of Dental Assisting, or may be considered its own field of work, with its own state licensing test and requirements, in addition to the state Dental Assisting licensing test and requirements. Our expert school counselors will be able to assist you in knowing what steps you need to follow upon graduation to ensure you are licensed to work in your State.

What Do Orthodontics Assistants Do

These are some of the items you will be skilled at performing as an Orthodontic Assistant:

  • Help dental professionals install and check orthodontic gear to straighten teeth or eliminate other oral problems
  • Prepping patients as they get ready for their orthodontics procedures
  • Gather, sterilized and prepare all tools for the Orthodontist before the procedures
  • Clean teeth
  • Make minor adjustments to dental gear
  • Perform x-rays
  • Create impressions of Patients’ mouths
  • Assist orthodontists in dental emergencies
  • May help with clerical duties-patient records and maintaining inventory

What Our Students are Saying: