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The differences between a dental assistant and a dental hygienist are quite distinct. While both positions work under a dentist’s supervision, they perform separate tasks and interact with patients at different levels. However, both roles have important places in the dental field and have promising outlooks in terms of career growth. 

A dental hygienist is a licensed dental employee whose duties generally center around preventing serious dental issues. A hygienist works directly with patients, usually starting with a routine cleaning: this includes removing plaque, tartar, and stains from a patient’s teeth while checking for any potential issues. The hygienist will also take and process x-rays, record treatments and procedures, apply fluoride and sealants, document dental care plans, and provide general dental advice to patients. 

While dental hygienist programs vary state by state, certification is obtained by passing an accredited training program, a written examination, and a clinical program. If you’re interested in pursuing a career as a hygienist, it’s important to find a comprehensive dental hygienist program that gives you foundational knowledge as well as valuable experience.

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