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Training as a dental assistant at Sunrise School of Dental Assisting consists of a diverse mix of classroom lectures and hands-on, clinical exercises. Our program begins with foundational material that prepares students for a career in the dental industry, including dental, head and neck anatomy, tooth morphology and terminology, as well as practical skills such as dental charting and sterilization.

Because of the varying roles dental assistants can fill as members of a dental team, training covers topics ranging from microbiology to CPR to ethical issues in health care. However, the majority of dental assistant training consists of clinical experiences designed to introduce students to basic dental and laboratory procedures.

Clinical exercises will cover topics including matrix and wedge placement, radiology techniques, impressions, temporary crown fabrication, and more. These are the daily dental assistant tasks that are vital to the delivery of quality dental care.

The 13-week dental assisting program at Sunrise School of Dental Assisting is uniquely tailored to give students the most realistic clinical exercises possible. At each of our 3 locations, students have access to the resources and facilities of operating dental practices, providing an unparalleled, up-close experience with the world of dental care. Whereas most dental assisting programs operate in a mock clinical setting, our students have the opportunity to rotate through one of several private dental practices across the Triangle, each of which is equipped with the latest in dental technology.

We believe in clinical excellence and are committed to providing our students the support they need in their academic journey. Every class has a dedicated instructor with abundant experience in clinical dental assisting. Our instructors are available to our students for one-on-one tutoring; in addition, the high level of individual attention they receive as part of our training program.

If you are ready to begin an exciting career in dental assisting, we invite you to learn more about our dental assisting classes or apply now. Enrolling at Sunrise School of Dental Assisting is the perfect first step in pursuing your professional goals. We look forward to meeting you!

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