Ways to Connect with Your Patients as a Dental Assistant

You can set yourself apart from other dental assistants by creating a personal connection with your patients. By doing this, you will ensure they feel calm and relaxed during their appointments. Just as importantly, that feeling of ease may change their entire outlook on going to the dentist and keep them returning to you for their dental care needs.

A lack of connection or a feeling of shame can prevent patients from accessing the dental care they need. By establishing a connection with them, the outcomes of your care will be better; patients will take better care of their teeth between visits and come for regular cleanings.

Developing a connection with your patients will not just give them a positive experience during their first appointment, but it will also ensure great dental health for years to come. The following are a few ways to create that connection:

  • Listen carefully. While this may seem obvious, listening to your patients involves far more than hearing what they say. Words of affirmation give the impression that you’re listening and will make your patients feel heard.
  • Use their name. This is simple and easy: make sure you refer to your patients by their names.
  • Ask questions. Ask your patients all the typical questions you would ask them and give them time to respond. If you’re working with a longtime patient, inquire about previous concerns.
  • Smile and nod. Eye contact, smiling, and nodding are clear indications to patients that you’re receptive and care about what they have to say.

As a dental assistant, you should always try to find ways to improve your approaches and seek a better outcome for your patients. When your patients are happy with their dental care experiences, the benefits are unending.

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