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Front Office Administrator

Dental Front Office Administration Course – Raleigh
9 Weeks / 50 Clock Hours
Cost: $1,695.00

After completion of this course, graduates will be knowledgeable of the job responsibilities of the dental front office administrator. They will be confident in dressing, speaking, and presenting themselves in a professional manner. Graduates will understand dental terminology and oral anatomy to communicate effectively with patients and the dental team; also allowing them to proficiently verify and process dental insurance claims.  They will be proficient in coordinating schedules and keeping the daily functions of a dental office operating smoothly.

Graduates will understand the rules, laws, and guidelines surrounding patient information and the HIPAA Privacy Act. Administrators will be able to carry out their daily responsibilities while maintaining privacy and professionalism.

At this time we are only offering this class at our Raleigh location.  If you would like more specific information about the application process and tuition costs you can contact us directly at (919) 878-2077 or sunriseDAschool[at] with any questions. You can also apply here.

Course Outline

Week 1: Orientation to the Dental Administration Profession

  • Roles of the Administrative Assistant
  • Dental Terminology
  • Ethics & Law / HIPAA
3 Hour Lecture

3 Hour Lab

Week 2: Medical Office Emergencies / CPR

  • CPR instruction
1 Hour Lecture

2 Hour Lab

Week 3: Customer Service

  • Communication Skills
  • Telephone Techniques & Etiquette
  • Receiving the Patient
3 Hour Lecture

3 Hour Lab

Week 4: Scheduling/ Clinical Records

  • Introduction to Eaglesoft
  • Scheduling New/Existing Patients; Forms
  • Clinical Records/ Records Management; Patient Documentation
3 Hour Lecture

3 Hour Lab

Week 5: Daily Schedule

  • Scheduling to Goals
  • Recall System; Appointment Confirmations
  • Chart Reactivation
3 Hour Lecture

3 Hour Lab

Week 6: Dental Insurance

  • Insurance Verification
  • Fee Schedules
  • Electronic Claims Filing
3 Hour Lecture

3 Hour Lab

Week 7: Office Accounting

  • Accounts Payable/ Receivable
  • Financial Arrangements
  • Collection Procedures
3 Hour Lecture

3 Hour Lab

Week 8: Other Administrative Duties

  • Computer Software
  • Marketing
3 Hour Lecture

3 Hour Lab

Week 9: Program Conclusion

  • Resume & Interview Techniques
  • Course Review
  • Final Exam
1 Hour Lecture

2 Hour Lab

1 Hour Written Exam

1 Hour Lab Final

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