The Benefits of Attending Dental Assisting School

Top 3 Reasons to Choose Sunrise School of Dental Assisting

You’ve decided to make a career change and join the growing, rewarding field of dental assisting. Fantastic! But before you can put on your uniform and start helping patients, you need training. We know the perfect place to get it: Sunrise School of Dental Assisting.

At Sunrise School of Dental Assisting, you won’t just learn the skills you need to become a capable and confident dental assistant. You’ll also get a leg up in your chosen profession, gaining the contacts and experience you need to make a successful career.

But you don’t have to just take our word for it. Check out the top three benefits of attending Sunrise School of Dental Assisting below.

1. Versatility
The field of dentistry is wide, and there are many different ways you can help patients. As you start this new career, you want to keep your options open. We can help! Our school offers programs in dental assisting and front office administration, and you can earn certifications in radiology and nitrous oxide sedation. Taking advantage of these programs will broaden your skillset and help to make you more valuable as an employee.

2. Student-Centered Experience
At Sunrise School of Dental Assisting, you’re the star! We know how hard it can be to make a career change and juggle the responsibilities of school, work, and family. That’s why we offer convenient evening classes and flexible payment options. Class sizes are small, and one-on-one tutoring is always available at no extra charge. Even better, our program coordinator is here to help you every step of the way, from enrolling in the program to graduation day.

3. Career Readiness
Forget about “mock clinics” and lackluster career services. At Sunrise School of Dental Assisting, we get you ready for the real world by putting you in actual dental offices. Plus, we offer plenty of assistance with the soft skills so necessary for a successful job hunt, including resume writing, interviewing, and more. And thanks to our extensive network of dental contacts, you’ll have a foot in the door almost anywhere you choose to go.

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If you’re ready to make a change, we’re ready to help you. Trust the team at Sunrise School of Dental Assisting to help you get ready for your new career. Give us a call to learn more, or simply apply now!

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