Ivy Gamble

I started this school in January 2020 and was supposed to be finished by April 2020. Everything started out great. All 3 teachers we had on Greensboro campus were really good; easy to learn by, very knowledgeable, and down to earth. You could talk to them about anything. My classmates were great also. Unfortunately, because of covid, school had to stop for a few months. But when we came back, our teachers did everything they possibly could to make sure that we graduated successfully and knew everything frontwards and backwards. Melody, Kenyada, and Tracey were excellent! I can’t forget about Daniel. He strated helping after we opened back up. He was great also. I was able to get a job right away. I graduated in August, it is now mid October, and they are still assisting students to find jobs if needed. They keep in touch. We became a family. I recommend the school to anyone!

What Our Students are Saying: