Cari Jones

Sunrise school is a great program to start if you want to get into the dental field. My instructors were very helpful and truthful. I felt like they cared very much about our success. I was referred to this program from a friend who went there as well and I would certainly recommend it to one of my friends! Thank you for helping me get started on my journey into this career field!

Meredith K

I just recently graduated from the Sunrise Dental program at the Raleigh location and honestly it was a great learning experience. I not only met classmates that turned out to be friends of mine, but the new instructors there are so patient, kind, and truly care about educating students. They took their time to make sure we succeeded and I couldn’t of asked for more. It is a fast paced course but you certainly know the basic tools you need for entering an office with confidence. This also fit perfectly with my schedule as I work a full time job during the day. I would recommend this program to anyone interested in Dental Assisting.

Ashley Hicks

At Sunrise they give you the tools you need to become successful as a Dental Assistant. You have smaller numbers in the class, so you are able to have more one on one time with an instructor if needed. It is a fast paced class, but the instructor is willing to meet with you before class time if you need help. It is a good balance between lectures and actual lab time. You have great hands on experience and work with live “patients” (class members) in order to get an actual feel of what it would be like. The team at Sunrise Dental are very encouraging and push you to strive for your best. They also help with shadowing at different offices and even inform you if there are job openings at other offices. I would recommend this program to anyone and know that they would also get the great training that I have received!

Katie Hall

Sunrise is exactly the kind of schooling I need. The lectures are well written and the instructor answers our questions very well. The material is presented in an easy-to-understand manner and never have I felt overwhelmed. The hands on clinicals were enjoyable and a wonderful way of being introduced into the field. This program Is an investment worth making!!

Ashley Black

My experience with this school was fantastic. The instructor Wendy was very detailed with the lessons and gave close personal attention when things needed to be better explained. I felt fully prepared when I started working, and I have been at my dental office for 4 years now and I could not be happier with my decision.

eva lai

It was a good program. I met a lot of nice people a little hard at times because it was an accelerated course but overall the course was a good one. You get hands on experience with some of the tasks that you will do as a DAI and the teachers were nice, patient, and encouraging.

Lydia Halliday

I would highly recommended this program to anyone wanting to become a Dental assistant. The teachers are super awesome, friendly, nice, and well educated. I’ve enjoyed every second in class here at Sunrise!!! I gave never once had any problems with anything or anyone here.

Madison McCullock

Sunrise School of Dental Assisting provided me with the knowledge and skills I needed to begin my career in the Dental field. The instructors were very helpful and thorough in explaining the lessons and procedures to the class, and also made it a point to provide any additional help/tutoring before/after lessons for students. I enjoyed my experience at Sunrise School of Dental Assisting. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to receive the proper education necessary in order to excel in their Dental Assisting career,.

Jaylyn May

Prior to attending Sunrise School of Dental Assisting I had zero knowledge of the dentistry field and what this career choice would have in store for me. I had an awesome instructor, as well as current Dental Assistants at Sunrise, to help guide me and continue to be successful in my career. Everyone has been extremely helpful and I have had nothing less than a great experience. After graduation, I was hired on by Sunrise and couldn’t be more happy with my job and the decision to attend Sunrise School of Dental Assisting! Thank you all!!

Rebecca Carswell

Sunrise school of dental assisting is a great school! The teacher was so nice and was always ready to help and answer any questions that I had. I would choose Sunrise school of dental assisting over any other school becuase I learned everything I needed to know in just 13 weeks plus it worked with my current work schedule. I was able to work my full time job during the day and go to school at night! I also had a job waiting for me as a dental assistant as soon as I graduated! Sunrise school of dental assisting has taught me so much! I was a former worker in an emergency room at a hospital and had little knowledge about dental, but now that I’ve graduated I feel well educated as a dental assistant! I would recommend this school to anyone who has a desire to become a dental assistant!