Dental Assisting Hospital Dental Clinic Training

During your training at the Sunrise School of Dental Assisting you will not only get superior in class instruction, but you will also receive guided real world hands on experience doing exactly the procedures you have studied and read about in your classes. Called clinicals, your hands on experience will be monitored by your specialized Sunrise School of Dental Assisting professors. You will get a rotation of work through all different parts of your Dental Assisting fundamentals, including:

  • Sterilizing instruments for surgery
  • Prepping patient for surgery or cleaning check up
  • Taking blood pressure and pulse as well as patient medical notes and history
  • Filing patient information
  • Prepping tools and patient for Dentist exam/surgery
  • Client care, follow up and social skills
  • Oral hygiene training and communicating to patients
Dental Assistant Skill Hands On Training

You will also learn different procedures, medical terms, tools, prep-sites for medical needs, and how to anticipate what a Dentist may need when something unexpected pops up during an exam. Hospital Dental Clinics give you a taste of a fast paced Dental practice, with the expertise and instruction in the finest hospital setting, so you know that when you are done with your hospital dental clinics, you will be skilled in all the necessary areas.

Get Started Now At Sunrise School of Dental Assisting Clinics

When you start your Sunrise School of Dental Assisting program, you will first begin with in class, on campus training from some of our top professionals in the Dental field. Once you have passed some of your courses, you will be eligible to take your clinical class, where all the hands-on, practical use of your learning instruction is put to the test. As you progress through your Sunrise School of Dental Assisting courses, your personal program instructor will help you decide if you are ready for the clinical hospital training classes or if you will need extra course work before progressing in the Dental Assisting Program. Speak to your professor today about when you can schedule your hospital clinics.

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