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What Does A Dental Assistant Do

So you have started to explore the exciting and lucrative career of Dental Assisting, but aren’t completely sure of all the tasks that await you as a dedicated Dental Assistant. Welcome to our General Dental Practices information page, where you will find the details of what most of our Sunrise School of Dental Assisting graduates can expect as part of their job at your average Dental practice.

Dental Assistant Job Description

Generally, your Dental Assistant duties will be to do the following:

  • You will Assist the dentist during the treatment procedures
  • You will take and develop dental radiographs, aka x-rays
  • You will get the patient’s general health history and current stats such as blood pressure and pulse before the dentist comes to examine
  • You may be serving as infection control officer and develop an order for infection control protocol, as well as ensure the instruments and equipment are sterilized
  • Offer patients oral care instructions following surgery or a routine visit, such as brushing, flossing, and nutrition
  • You will take models of teeth or impressions of teeth for study casts
  • You may perform office management tasks and use a computer to store data, enter data, and file patient files
  • You will communicate with patients and suppliers, such as ordering samples, scheduling appointments, answer the phone, and answer general questions while interacting with the patients
  • Assist your head dentist to provide direct patient care in all dental specialties, such as orthodontics, periodontics and oral surgery.
The Dental Assistant Duties Career

Dental Assisting is a highly in demand career right now-with currently less Dental Assistants in the market than needed, which means you will have the power to set your own flexibility, such as time, position, and other career options. People contact is a huge part of Dental Assistant duties, so you will receive a very high level of personal satisfaction knowing you have really truly helped someone with your valuable health service skills.

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