Choosing Dental Assisting Schools In Wake County

If you have made a decision to pursue a career, you may have already begun your search for dental assisting classes. For the best dental assistant programs in Wake County, the premier choice is Sunrise School of Dental Assisting. With four convenient locations, choosing from all of the dental assisting schools in Wake County has never been easier.

With flexible class schedules, we give you the freedom to maintain your current job, while preparing you for your future career. There are many schools that offer dental assistant classes in Wake County.

Wake Tech Community College and other popular institutions can offer great educations, but Sunrise School of Dental Assisting is the place to receive not only a quality education, but also acquire the skill-building experiences to make you an employer’s choice for hiring and career development.

Many schools with dental assisting classes give you a classroom education. Only Sunrise offers dental assisting classes to prepare you for the real world, with job preparation and career building training. Our programs are designed to give you the tools you need to start a job and develop your career.

Giving students an affordable option for dental assisting school, Sunrise provides a comprehensive and complete education for the modern market of dental assisting jobs. All of our graduates receive their DAI Certificate, Sterilization and Infection Control Certification, CPR Certification, x-ray certification, and their OSHA and Office Emergency Training Certificate.

If your search for further education has led to you seek out dental assisting at Wake Tech, take a moment to view all the incredible class options Sunrise School of Dental Assisting has to offer. We are the top choice for dental assistant classes in Wake County, with a productive and caring environment designed to help all students achieve their goals.

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