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At Sunrise School of Dental Assisting, we train you in the most highly professional environment, where professionals in your field give you one on one instruction during clinicals and text classes to ensure that as a Sunrise School of Dental Assisting you are ready to be one of the most highly trained Dental Assistants on the market-and highly coveted by Dentists for lucrative positions in their practice.

A Dental Assistant vs A Dental Hygienist

A Dental Hygienist is very similar to a Dental Assistant. To those outside of the profession, these two terms may seem interchangeable, but there are subtle differences to these two professions. They each have a few specific course work classes required that the other does not need-and there are slight, yet important, differences in the tasks performed. You can read more about a Dental Assistant’s Job Description.

Dental Hygienist Job Description

In addition to the same job duties a dental assistant would perform, such as collecting patient;s oral and medical history or charting patients’ dental conditions, a dental hygienist may also be trained to:

  • Remove calculus, hard deposited plaque,  soft deposited plaque and stains from all surfaces of the teeth.
  • Applying fluorides and decay preventatives
  • Administer local anesthetics
  • Remove sutures and dressings

Both programs require the same basic classes; however, dental hygienist will require aditional program offerings and clinical training beyond those offered for dental assistants at the Sunrise School of Dental Assisting. To learn more about which program may be the best fit for you, please contact our applications office to set up a time to come speak to one of our school counselors, who can help you choose which might be the best fit for you, your personality and your goals.

We look forward to having you as part of the Sunrise School of Dental Assisting.

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